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What's happening in Year 3

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Summer week 7

In English we have started reading The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. To help us immerse ourselves in the hedgehog's world we took pictures from a hedgehog's point of view. 

On Wednesday we had the first of our dance sessions. Even the children who were reluctant or self-conscious at the beginning of the session were joining in and showing off their moves by the end.

In Science we are learning about light sources and reflective surfaces. Using reflected light rays we wrote some secret mirror messages and navigated a mirror maze.

Summer week 6

Viking longships were spotted in Mitcheldean this week! The children worked in groups to design and produce a working CAMS mechanism that moved a Viking longship toy.

All the children really enjoyed Science day. They talked about what Scientists are like and carried out a hedge survey to see what minibeasts they could find, before investigating how the contents of a plastic bottle affected how far it rolled down a slope. They even presented their results as a graph and shared their graphs with other schools during the online feedback session.

Summer week 5

We have been learning about Judaism in RE and this week we learnt about the festival of Passover. Everyone tried flat bread, apple and cinnamon, lettuce and celery. The celery was dipped in salt water which resulted in some very funny faces when it was tasted!

For National Numeracy Day we thought about how Maths is used in every day situations. We have all drawn a picture of what we want to be when we grow up and have thought about how Maths is used in that occupation.

Summer week 4

This week we were archaeologists, digging up Anglo Saxon and Viking artefacts. We asked questions about the artefacts we found and used secondary sources to research the answers. All this week we have been thinking about mental health and well-being. The symbol for Mental Health week this year is the tulip so we did some mindful colouring of tulip pictures.

Summer week 3

Having finished our shields, we did some drills with the Roman army and formed a Viking shield wall. We also tried out our Celtic battle cries. I think any invading forces would think twice before taking us on!

Summer week 2

This week we continued using Scratch for computer programming. We also experienced the 10 plagues of Egypt using the now press play headphones.

Summer week 1

This week we have been exploring computer programming using Scratch and we had great fun making the sprite do different things and make different noises. We also had our first Athletics PE lesson and we were practicing running: making sure that we had a good running position and were able to start as soon as we heard the whistle.




Everyone enjoyed the last week of Forest School, especially the toasted marshmallows! In Art we have been making Roman and Celtic shields which each child painted with their own design. 



National sleep day and a roman experience

This week we had an immersive Roman experience. Wearing headphones, we relived Boudicca's invasion of Colchester and joined the Roman army to defeat the Iceni warriors. We also came to school in our pyjamas to celebrate National Sleep Day which meant we played hockey in our pyjamas!



Welcome back! 

It has been lovely to have all the children back in school this week. We have made collage volcanoes, enjoyed Forest School and played hockey in PE.