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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

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School Council

Char and Vice Chair

Our School Council is lead by two members of Year 6 who have to apply and interview for the role.  Harry and Dylan are very proud to take on this role. 

Every September, two pupils from years 2 to 6 are democratically elected to be the school council class representatives.  Our School Council is a representative group of students who represent their views and raise issues with the Senior Managers and Governors of our school. 

The children's voice helps our school to ensure we are making choices that benefit the children. 

Welcome to our School Council of 2023-2024!

School Council


 Meet our School Council Leaders


 I wanted to be Chair of the School Council as I have been a member of the school council and I really enjoyed it!  As Chair, I will ensure that everyone has a say and can be the best they can be. 


I thought that the being in the School Council was a great opportunity to help make our school a better place, not just for the children but for the staff as well! Since I joined in Year 5, I have always wanted to be in the School Council!  I hope that I will be able to make school an even better place for children and staff and show children that it is worth applying to be on the School Council team.