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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

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Pastoral care

At Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School,  we recognise that pastoral care and support is extremely important.   It is there to support the physical and emotional welfare of children, providing information, advice and guidance to them and their parents or carers

We have a team of people who are responsible for the pastoral care of the children.

  • Kathy Histed is our pastoral lead, part of her role is promoting children's safety and well being, running specific interventions such as nurture groups or social skills groups.  Kathy has been trained in Lego Therapy, Sand Play and can offer specific interventions to support the needs of individuals.  
  • Mrs Osborne and Kathy,  are trained ELSA (Emotional literacy Support Assistant).  
  • Both Mrs Osborne and Mrs Oshun are trained Attachment Leads. 

Children  in our school are made aware they can come and talk to any member of staff to discuss issues they may be experiencing. All school staff will always listen, comfort and work together with the child and families to ensure the child feels safe and happy.  

 If you are worried about your child in any capacity, please contact school and we will work with you to see how we make sure your child is safe, happy and smiling. 

Equally, if you, as a parent or carer, need some advice please do contact school.