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CoVid 19 Wellbeing Support 

Covid 19 has been part of our children's lived experiences since March 2020, but just because we have lived with this for a long time doesn't mean that it wont be overwhelming for our children. At the start of the Pandemic, the Government  issued  advice to parents to 'Help primary aged children to continue their education during Coronavirus.' They have also issued advice to help support children with SEND at this time.  This information may still help your child if they are anxious about the pandemic. 

Advice for parents of primary aged children during CoVid 19


Advice to help support children with SEND during CoVid 19



 This informative text can help to answer any questions the children may have about the Coronavirus.   It is informative, uses simple language and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 

Coronavirus: A book for children