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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

Achieve, Believe, Contribute


As mathematicians we calculate, investigate and solve problems to use in everyday life.




At Mitcheldean Primary School we foster a positive attitude to mathematics across the school. We aim to equip the children with the tools that enable them to apply their Maths skills to everyday life and contexts outside of school.

Our curriculum enables the children to develop the skills of reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving.

Visualisation using concrete, pictorial and abstract helps to embed learning and understanding.

Fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics is taught through lessons and a keen sense of number is a vital part of the Maths curriculum.

Lessons are planned which build on previous learning and the children use manipulatives and practical resources where necessary to support and extend learning. Children work on activities involving Do it, Secure it and Solve it which enable all children to access the curriculum across the school and extend their learning.

Our Maths curriculum encourages life-long learning where the objectives taught enable the children to develop resilience and independence. Lessons provide activities to allow the children to ask and answer questions which enable the children to talk using maths vocabulary.

Mistakes and misconceptions are used as learning tools to help the children to talk through learning. It is often by making mistakes that we deepen our understanding and knowledge.

Children are assessed during lessons and during the year to track progress of individuals. At Mitcheldean Primary School we aim for the children to strive to be able and confident mathematicians who are happy to approach all the challenges they meet positively.


National curriculum Maths programme of study - Key stage 1 and 2

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