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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

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House Captains

Our school has four houses which are connected to our local area.









The role of House Captain is an important role that connects all members of our school within their house. 

House Captains


What motivated our House Captains to take on their role?


Abenhall House Captains: 

I applied for House Captain to show people that if they are shy or they don't think they can do it, then they can! I used to be shy and now I am House Captain, so I want to show others they can achieve anything. 

Hi, my name is Evie, recently I became House captain of Abenhall.  I applied for House Captain because I knew it would boost my confidence and it would me to improve my maths.  I also liked the idea of standing up in front of the school and being a good role model to the whole school. 


Carisbrook House Captains: 

I wanted to be House Captain of Carisbrook because my house is very important to me and I want to represent it the best way I can.  I also want to encourage others to do their best in activities and competitions.


The reason why I applied for House Captain was because I knew I could make a great leader of my team and be a good role of responsibility.