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As historians,  we use artefacts and evidence to understand historic periods, significant people and how the past relates to us.

In our school we acknowledge that History covers all aspects of societies in the past: music, art, architecture, science, sport, literature, mathematics and technology, and so makes natural links with other subjects through our cross-curricular themes. We encourage the children to develop their enquiry skills by making deductions and inferences from a range of primary and secondary sources, listening to the views of others and reacting with tolerance, and understanding that there are different versions of the past and that these change over time. Through History our children find out about the past of their culture and other cultures, as well as about the history of the community in which they live, thus developing a sense of identity and a sense of where they stand in relation to the past and the present world around them.

National curriculum History programme of study - key stage 1 and 2

Curriculum Coverage History

History Progression Document
History Blueprint