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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

Achieve, Believe, Contribute

Head Boy and Head Girl

Alfie  and Lily  were elected in the role of Head Boy and Head Girl.  They applied for this prestigious role and had to take part in an interview before being offered the positions. 

Head Boy and Head Girl


 James and Niamh were chosen to be Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl after a successful application and interview.


Meet Alfie, our Head Boy

I am Head Boy which means that every week, I lead the celebration worship and help around school.  I wanted this role to represent the school and help to make it a welcoming and happy learning environment.

In this role, I hope to represent and inspire all of the students by showing good leadership. 

Meet Lily, our Head Girl

I have had this personal goal in my mind since I first started in Reception to become Head Girl and I have always looked up to the previous Head Girls.  Now, here I am!  Doing exactly what I have always wished for, being a role model for the rest of the school!    I am very proud of myself and look forward to all of the other things I have yet to encounter as Head Girl! 

I hope as Head Girl, I can inspire people to be the best they can be and look up to me, not only as Head Girl but also as a friend.  I hope to encourage everyone in our school  to have fun and get through the day feeling good about themselves. 

Meet James, our Deputy Head Boy

My name is James and I am Deputy Head Boy.  I wanted this role because I wanted to be a great role model.  Through this role, I hope to develop my leadership skills ready for secondary school.

Meet Niamh, our Deputy Head Girl

I wanted the role of Deputy Head Girl, because I believed I could make a difference, help people who were shy like me to become more confident and set an example for younger children. 

I think a great achievement for me, in this role, will be to set a positive example to others in the school.  I will aspire to be a friendly face who demonstrates  our school values.