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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

Achieve, Believe, Contribute


As geographers, we explore, places, people and position to open our eyes to the world.


Through our knowledge rich Geography curriculum, we want children to foster a sense of wonder and fascination with the physical and human world in which they live so that they appreciate can fully appreciate it in all its complexities. A carefully planned progression of geographical enquiry skills and knowledge ensures that Geography in our school provides a context within which to develop an understanding of identity and diversity. We want our children to be equipped to respond to changes in society by highlighting the moral issues faced in our world and questioning the contribution of society in key concepts like global warning so that the children realise the impact they have on our world and develop as responsible global citizens. We want children in our school to be familiar with the unique geography of our local area and recognise how it contrasts with other locations both nationally and internationally

National curriculum geography programme of study Key stage 1 and 2

Geography Blueprint