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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

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Eco Council

Our Eco Council are responsible for trying to make our school as Eco friendly as possible.  They are involved with decisions and initiatives that impact our school environment. 

As part of our Eco Group, we run a Hedgehog club that helps to maintain healthy homes for hedgehogs and ensures any hedgehogs in our school are safe, happy and healthy.

Eco Council


I have been in Hedgehog Club for nearly two years and I am really pleased to be the leader as it celebrates all I have achieved.  I want to make sure that every, and I mean every, hedgehog stays safe and feels welcome!   Alex


I wanted to be an Eco- Warrior as I am tidy, I don't like litter and I love our planet.  I hope to get rid of most of the rubbish and save the planet, lunch time by lunch time!   Alfie


As an Eco- Warrior, I want to help people recycle especially their fruit cores and peels.  Matthew