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Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

Achieve, Believe, Contribute


At Mitcheldean Endowed primary school we foster enthusiasm for life-long learning by delivering a meaningful, awe-inspiring cross-curricular programme with our Christian values at its heart. Our curriculum extends opportunities, raises aspirations and opens children’s eyes to the world and different faiths beyond their immediate environment. We aim to build resilience and promote a positive growth mind-set, as it is often through making mistakes that we learn the most. We hope to nurture an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and has respect for others.  

We promote learning skills through our learning behaviour dinosaurs which encourage perseverance, adaptability, achievement, curiosity and teamwork. We take pride in celebrating the achievement of all learners. We adapt our curriculum to ensure every child can reach their full potential.  We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive environment where all children regardless of ability, background, challenge or need are supported to meet their full potential. The well-being of the child is at the fore front of our practices and provision and we are committed to developing the child as a whole; academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to develop children’s knowledge and skills across all primary subjects, as stipulated within the National Curriculum and the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education. Assessment is integral to our approach to ensure pupils are ready for the next stage of their learning.

Please click the links for each Year Group to see the Topic Webs for each term. These documents will give you an overview of the subject, topics, themes and learning objectives being covered.

To find out more about the intent for each of our curricular subjects please click the pages for each indivdual subject.

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further details.